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Ibu Produktif 101

ENG-IND : Podcast from TED Talks How To Raise Succesful Kids Without Over-Parenting #TranslationSpot

Salam! Happy weekend to all my online readers. In this week’s translation, I am going to translate one of the best TED Talks videos that inspire me a lot about parenting styles. It talks about how chores make a huge impact on children’s future. The talk was delivered by Julie Lythcott-Haims, titled How to Raise …

Ibu Produktif 101

ENG-IND : Article Japan Tourism From Food Diversity #TranslationSpot

Assalamu’alaikum. In order to improve my translation skills, I decided to publish my works here on my own blog. Doing this is not only about gaining my competence, but also nourishing my blog. Publishing my translation works is fundamental to reaching my goal as a freelance worker. Regularly, I plan to publish my translation works. …