I still couldn’t believe that January has already ended. The past 31 days went through smoothly, even though there were many goals that haven’t fully done yet.

Staring upon those undone goals, I felt helpless. I mean, there would be no one who could help me except myself. But I found myself still on that procrastinate point, that made my dreams were hung up. Let’s say, I wrote all the resolutions at the beginning of 2021. All the significant fields I want to achieve have already written in my notebook. From my dream as a scholarship hunter and productive writer, to becoming more admiring Rasulullah and charming for my husband.

It turned out that the excitement only lasted a week. For the rest of the week, I started to take it for granted.

How could that be?

Surely, I know the answers. But life should never have time for regret. I should go, further ahead. Looking back at the time when the sorrow was there, wouldn’t help me. Even though I failed to reach something, I did something new and gained achievements in the writing field. THESE are what I should be proud of.

The Good News

At the beginning of January, my writing for Halal Media Japan (HMJ) was accepted. This was something for me as I had not progressed in writing for more than a year. This appreciation sparked the excitement inside my heart to do more like this. Go ahead, don’t you dream to become a great writer?

| My writings on Halal Media Japan is here.

In order to fulfill the requirement for payment from HMJ, I opened my first bank account in Japan. The process was easy and I could choose the saving book I desire. There is no bank interest nor administration. I can freely open the account without saving yen. This is cool, isn’t it?

Another good news on writing field was my participation on the anthology project of Forum Lingkar Pena (FLP) Jepang. The theme of the book is about life experience during a one year pandemic. By that, I wrote about my inpatient story in the Japan hospital for a month because of Botulism.

Insya Allah, those little achievements open up another path for me. As I finally realized that I need to learn Japanese until fluent in order to get a proper job and enrich my ability as a translator, also learn to speak both Indonesian and English in front of the camera for doing vlog. Those skills might be the way for me to do even more kindness for others.

I may not have those ideas until I learn Kitab Ta’lim Muta’alim and Kitab Shalawat Dalail from Bapak Acep and Teh Nati. The teachings are not only open up my mind, but also heal my mind. This regular learning is truly something that I admire and grateful for.

The Not So Bad News

Have you ever wondering what did I do in Japan except taking care of my family?

Here I also study Japanese, preparing myself for a master’s degree, and have a plan to get a job. But until now, I haven’t worked yet because there are no work calls, except for Mc Donald’s that I recently rejected because of my low Japanese skill.


There are still a lot of time. Let me embrace February with more love and kindness act, especially to love my family and reach my dreams.

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