My name is Zahra Rabbiradlia and welcome to!

I am the writer of Metamorfosa Botulisme and three anthologies.

This is my own blog, an Indonesian lifestyle blog based in Yokohama, Japan. is a new brand of me, as it was at the beginning.

I started writing on this blog in 2014, the time when I was excitedly arranging an online diary to share my journey. In 2015, I started to participate in several blog competitions and successfully became a winner. One of the best competitions I ever won is Why Macau held by VIVA.

Still in 2015, I started to make this blog as a career since I received many requested collaboration from agencies who offered me to write the brands on my blog.

Several years later, my blog became an abandoned site as I couldn’t find any idea to write. That time, I experienced insecurity and mental illness due to internal problems. It changed me, my life and thoughts.

In 2018, a friend of mine asked me to join KIMI (Komunitas Ibu Muda Indonesia) to heal my mind. As I met many women with the same purpose, I finally gained my spirit back to create my life even more beautiful. This year, my first son was born. I totally became a different person.

Since then, I tried to get back to this long-abandoned blog. For that matter, I decided to change the site’s name from in Blogger to in WordPress. Even I need to spend money and time on migration, decorating the themes, and fix some minor problems, I was really happy to do all these things.

Finally, in June 2020, I gave birth to, a new brand me, a new hope, a new career path.

To see my portofolios, you can see here.

You can contact me on or go through this section.

May you find happiness and inspiration here. Thank you!