I wrote my second anthology book with Forum Lingkar Pena Japan in early February. That was really nice to see you can write productively by getting support from the community that has the same purpose. I wrote fiction about true and long-lasting love and how the couple could maintain their relationship throughout the years.

This month I went to Halo Work in Shin-Yokohama for applying job. This office is part of the government program to support their residents including foreign citizens to find jobs. After waiting and registering myself, they told me that I was not allowed to work because of my visa. I knew that, precisely. My purpose to come here was to get assistance from them to find a job that supports my work visa because I need a letter from the employer to apply for a work visa on immigration.

Let’s find another way.

I applied for another job vacancy on Gaijinpot and other websites. Later on, I got an email from the company that accepts my application. Sadly, they asked me to have menkyosho or driver’s license. Soon, I declined the job.

A friend of mine told me the information about another job. The workplace is in Kannai which I will be easy to catch it. Unfortunately, they asked me to work on weekends and holidays, so I refused that job too.

Insyaallah, soon I will find the best place to work.

On February 18th, my first son turned to 3 years old. I made mini tumpeng with ayam goreng, oreg tempe, perkedel, sambal and lalap. I also made strawberry cheesecake a day before with Ibrahim. Alhamdulillah he seemed very happy and enjoyed the food.

Still in the middle of February, my grades for the study were all A. I need to maintain it and find my purpose in life to continue my study abroad. I also asked Pak Yudi to get his assistance throughout my second try in Universitas Terbuka.

After accepting the grade, I need to register myself for the new term and pay the bills. Because I didn’t get the money from anyone, I need to find it by myself. By that, I participated in two blog competitions that is about anemia and an online English course.

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I try to do my best. I need to be an independent woman since I am not lucky enough to receive money from anyone else. I hope by writing and my endless praying, He gives me a clean heart to accept whatever He wants me to do or have.

Oh, the last one. My lovely brother, Azhar, will marry his fiance on March, 13th. Unfortunately, I can’t present on his special day because of the strict rule of flying abroad. I hope my praying will be the best gift for him, my brother, my hero, my guard. Insyaallah.

Thank you Allah, for the lessons and amazing journey on February. Insyaallah I will continue to recite shalawat dalail as it is your special purezento from me. Getting closer to You by loving Prophet Muhammad.


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