For those of you who are visiting Yokohama, don’t forget to taste the halal dishes at Asian Dining Alibaba Restaurant.

Alibaba, which is located very close to IKEA Yokohama, not only serves Pakistani and Indian cuisine, but also Thai. Here you can taste dishes from biryani, naan, curry, to tom yum and even fried rice!

During winter like this, try to order the fresh Tom Yum Ramen set combined with the crispy and crunchy Nankotsu Karaage. Don’t forget to order biryani and also cheese nan which is famous for its deliciousness.

Alibaba is open at lunch time 11.00 – 15.00 and dinner time 17.00-23.00 by providing lunch and dinner set packages at affordable prices. For example, you only need to spend ¥ 850 for the lunch package to be able to eat the main dish, salad and drinks. Even though it is a package, you can freely choose the drink and choice of sauce you want.

Because of its location in the city center, Resto Alibaba is easy to reach. From Shin-Yokohama station or Nakamachidai station, you can take bus no. 300 and walk approximately 700 meters from the bus stop to the restaurant. Alibaba is also close to the Jami Yokohama Mosque. By that, this halal restaurant is often visited by muslims after performing the Friday prayer.

Another good thing about Alibaba restaurants is that they are no longer selling alcoholic drinks! A very good news, of course. Alibaba is now improving. They are replacing alcoholic drink displays with halal food and spices, including spices from Indonesia.

So what are you waiting for? If you are in Yokohama, please stop by the Alibaba restaurant or order through a delivery service. You could not only eat halal dishes deliciously but also shop for halal food ingredients from this restaurant.

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  1. Alhamdulillah Jepang semakin ramah untuk makanan halal ya, kalau dulu taunya harus ke rumah makan yang pemiliknya orang Arab, Turki atau Indonesia dulu baru bisa mencoba, pengen banget suatu saat bisa berlibur ke Jepang 🙂

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